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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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imagine dealing with this
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heat with no air conditioning. tonight, some local families received free a.c. units. some even paid to sit outside and sweat tonight. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. jim vance has the night off. it's dangerously hot out there and it's not over yet. this heat wave will last well into the weekend. we have team coverage tonight. darcy spencer with how people are coping with no air conditioning. but we begin with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> it's ridiculous how hot it is outside. a heat index of 112. outside right now at 11:00, 89 degrees. heat index of 104. good thing the sun's not shining out there right now. that would make it even worse. excessive heat warning is in effect for the day tomorrow. through the day on saturday, heat indexes of 105 to 110.
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we'll continue to see extremely warm temperatures right on through the next couple of days. heat index in some areas tomorrow could top 120 degrees. much more on the heat, plus when we could see a relief coming up. >> thank you, doug. our team coverage continues now with news 4's darcy spencer. she's in arlington where an outdoor concert has a pretty sparse crowd tonight, huh, darcy? >> reporter: certainly did. we're going to show you a little snippet of that outdoor concert here in just a minute. first i want to direct your attention to the virginia commerce bank time and temperature. you see 11:02, 89 degrees. it's only come down 2 degrees over the last hour. dedra jackson and her family finally have air conditioning inside their rockville home. they've been struggling through this heat wave tonight today. >> we try to do different things to keep cool, go to the water park and different things like that. but when you come back here with no air, it's just like you're back in the heat.
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>> reporter: now she has two window a.c.s, thanks to a rockville program that distributes units to qualifying families who don't have central air. >> this is a blessing. >> reporter: the city of rockville has handed out 32 new and used air conditioners since june, all have been donated. i see you're sweating inside this house. so they need it. >> yes, they definitely do. when i walked in here earlier, it was like you were in an oven. >> reporter: some do have central air, but if the units aren't maintained well, these high temperatures and humidity can tax the system to its breaking point. >> a lot of them are breaking down due to neglected maintenance. >> reporter: the heating and cooling experts are handling 10 to 15 calls a day. >> that's the happy sound. that makes them happy. we're happy. ♪ >> reporter: some, like musician dave tee, are choosing to be in the heat. but we didn't find many people
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listening to his outdoor concert. >> not insulting at all. i'm actually surprised there's anybody out here at all. >> reporter: even after the sun went down, people were still trying to cool off. but many of the outdoor dining seats were empty. >> i've been inside all day and i wanted to come out and get a little bit of the hot breeze going on. i noticed i'm the only one sitting out here. >> reporter: now, the people who were able to receive those free air conditioners were very thankful to get them in the house today. i'm sure they're resting a lot easier tonight in a much cooler house. darcy spencer, news 4, back to you. >> we're happy for them. thank you. the extreme heat put a strain on commuter trains across the air. the demand for cool air pushed air conditioning on the cars to a limit. metro crews worked through the day to fix trains. there were several delays. there was some relief for commuters.
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free water was handed out at union station. you can join the heat warning conversation on twitter tonight, @beattheheat. another big story tonight, the nfl lockout is almost over, it would seem. the owners have done their part. now it's the players' turn to vote. hakem dermish joins us with the latest. is it really almost over? >> we hope so. the nfl owners voted to approve a ten-year collective bargaining agreement this evening. but the players did not vote tonight and will not agree to a deal because of unresolved issues. the owners are giving the players until tuesday. but the players are expected to vote tomorrow. nfl commissioner roger goodell announced that the players will vote tomorrow. >> i think we've crafted a
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long-term agreement that can be good for the game of football, be good for the players, be good for the clubs and most importantly good for our game and for our fans. we really are anxious to get back to football. and hopefully today's development and the developments of the nfl over the next few days will ensure that. >> it's been obviously stressful. i'm just happy for our fans and the players. i'm anxious to see the players. it's been a while now. i'm relieved. >> the hall of fame game that was scheduled for august 7th has now been canceled. coming up in sports, we'll hear from some of the redskins, including tight end chris cooley who had some very interesting comments. many players are saying on twitter that they're not happy. but fans are seeing the new developments as a positive thing. news 4's jackie bensen joins us from arlington with more. hey, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen.
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well, the fans, they have their fingers crossed. for football fans at the crystal city sports club, it's not about revenue percentages and free agency. it's about how much the sport is part of fans' lives and the big hole its absence would create. they watched coverage of the latest developments with optimism. >> it's great. it helps us out here. we're struggling right now in a recession so bad going on. it's something to get hyped up about. >> for a lot of people, a football game is like a vacation. they plan once a year to come. >> reporter: nfl football keeps bar stools full and puts cash in the pockets of those who work there. everyone here hopes the lockout is almost over. >> it's wonderful for business. people love especially sports bars. they come out, we're all packed on sundays. >> there's something to look forward to when it gets cold. i'm glad they got a deal done.
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>> i had season tickets to the denver broncos. i live in denver. i'm ecstatic the season is going to happen. even though the broncos aren't going to be good this year. but my season tickets are good. >> reporter: the people we talked to said they cannot even imagine life without football. and they want to see that season start very soon. doreen, back to you. >> we're all hoping they don't have to. thanks, jackie. president obama and house republicans appear to be close tore an agreement on how to deal with the nation's debt. however, late tonight, democratic leaders met with the president over concerns about cuts to medicare and other benefit programs. the deal currently on the table would include trillions in spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. house speaker john boehner says republicans are ready to get the job market going. they have until august 2nd when the government would default on its loans. breaking news in the district, officers are investigating a shooting involving police. it happened about half an hour ago in the 5800 block of 13th street northwest.
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we're told the police responded to a report about a man with a gun. the suspect who was shot is expected to survive. the officer involved was not hurt. in virginia, detectives in loudoun county are looking for a man of sexually assaulting a woman on the street in sterling. that attack reportedly happened at about 10:30 last night on east holly avenue. loudoun county authorities say a man grabbed a 23-year-old woman as she was walking and threw her to the ground before he assaulted her. the suspect may have scratches on his face and body. and police are still looking for the killers of a transgender person in the district. officers handed out flyers tonight in the area where this 23-year-old was killed. she was shot early wednesday morning in the 6100 block of dick street in northeast d.c. police say she was walking with another transgender woman when two men approached them and shots were fired. they are investigating this murder as a hate crime. still to come on news 4 at
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11:00, new information in the schwarzenegger/shriver divorce case. a woman's height could be a factor in her risk for getting cancer. plus a flash mob breaks out at a local walmart.
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having fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other, its place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. >> our country's 30-year-old space shuttle program came to a close today as "atlantis" landed at kennedy space center. the shuttles will now go on display in museums across the country including the air and space museum here at dulles. na nasa turns its focus to deep space now. fairfax county police are investigating the deadly officer-involved shooting of an iraq war veteran. early this morning, officers were called to centreville for reports of an armed man. rish ricardo leon was found holding a gun. neighbors described the marine as a nice guy who was happily
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married. u.s. mar sals arreshals arrn for shooting his father four times. detectives tracked down richard hanson in scranton after he used a credit card there. coming up next on news 4 at 11:00, civil war buffs re-enact the first major battle in ma
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in decision 2012, you can add another name to the mix. former louisiana governor buddy romer announced he will seek the
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presidency. the military is another step closer to ending its ban on gay service members. leon panetta is expected to certify the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" tomorrow. this comes two weeks after top leaders agreed getting rid of the policy would not hurt military readiness. the repeal would take affect 60 days after president obama approves the certification. that means all military members could be open about their sexual orientation by the end of september. a woman's height could be a factor in her risk for getting cancer. researchers in great britain found that for every four-inch increase in height, women had a 16% increase in cancer risk. the study found a link with ten of the most common cancers including breast, colon, ovarian and skin cancer. scientists aren't sure what might be raising the cancer risk in tall women. they say it could be growth hormone and point out that
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height does that advantages, including a lower rate of heart disease. well, arnold schwarzenegger doesn't want to pay maria shriver spousal support. he filed his opposition to her filings to end their 25-year marriage. they're seeking joint custody of two of their children, their sons. schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a member of their household staff. shriver filed for divorce july 1st. oh, it was a traffic-stopping protest in las vegas today. about 50 showgirls marched in heels and costumes down las vegas boulevard. it was to promote the so-called "no fee" policy at hotels owned by caesar's entertainment. they claim other hotel resorts charge fees.
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you can take a step back in time in manassas this week -- >> ready, fire! >> it was 150 years ago today that the first major battle of the civil war was fought in northern virginia. the battle of manassas was also called the battle of bull run. despite today's heat, nearly 1,000 people attended the kickoff. the city is planning four days of events to mark the 150th anniversary. well-attended today in spite of the scorching heat. >> big event down there. >> indeed. >> it's going to be over the next couple of days, unfortunately for them they picked the hottest temperatures we've seen so far this year. we are forecasting a temperature tomorrow of 101. we saw 102 earlier this year. but not in succession. i think we're also going to see over 100 degrees on saturday. outside, a very warm and humid night right now. it is incredible just how humid it is outside.
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for the record today, we did make our way all the way up to 99 degrees. we did not hit 100 in the district or at the airport. but we did hit it around fredrick and winchester. excessive heat warning in effect through the day on saturday. includes all day tomorrow and saturday, too. temperatures right now, 89 degrees. dew point of 79. it was 81 last hour. it has not been at 81 in more than ten years. so simply amazing how warm we are. heat index out there right now, 104 as the dew point continues to rise and the humidity continues to go up. 88 right you in winchester. 86 in leesburg. along the river right now at 85 degrees. current heat index, 104 in washington. 86 in manassas. leesburg coming in at 93 degrees. we'll show you just how hot it is.
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camp springs around 96 degrees. dulles airport reporting 90 degrees. right now, warrington coming in at 94. so incredibly warm and humid. no relief in sight as far as rain is concerned or really any cloud cover to stop the sun from helping to warm us up. that's why we're going to get to that temperature of 100 tomorrow. hazy, hot and humid tomorrow. hazy, hot and humid for the day on saturday. then a frontal boundary could give us a slight chance of showers on saturday. some relief moving into the day on sunday and into monday and into all of next week. so after this heat wave, i think we are done with the extreme heat. at least for now. tomorrow morning, very humid. uncomfortable and almost no relief at all. 76 to about 82. but a heat index tomorrow morning when you wake up of about 90. still not going to be much cooler. extremely hot. heat index tomorrow between 110 and 120 in many locations. hazy sunshine. 97 to 101 for the actual temperature.
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winds, only about 5 to 10 miles per hour. so no help there. saturday, 30% chance of showers. best chance will be to the west. about 100 degrees. 94 on sunday. and when you look at 90 and you go, oh, finally cooling down, you know something's wrong. but it does look like we may squeak into the upper 80s as we get into the middle of next week. >> there's something to look forward to. >> that's right. 90, come on. coming up in sports, some
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he can barely hit still, he's so excited about this nfl
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news. >> i'm excited but i'm cautiously optimistic. the players want it to be the right deal that gets done. anthony armstrong says, we have to get a deal that's good for everybody, the current players, the retired players and some of the giese just now coming into the league. they want to get a fair deal for everybody. i think that's what we're moving towards. 31 of the 32 owners voted to approve a proposed bargaining agreement this evening. a ten-year deal, that includes giving players 48% of the revenue this season. however, the players did not vote tonight and will not agree to a deal because of unresolved issues. the owners are giving the players until tuesday to vote. but the players are expected to vote tomorrow. here's nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> i think we've crafted a long-term agreement that can be good for the game of football, be good for the players, be good for the clubs and most importantly good for our game and for our fans. we really are anxious to get
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back to football and hopefully today's development and the developments of the nfl over the next few days will ensure that. >> it's been a long, stressful, obviously months and months. i'm just happy for our fans and the players. and i'm anxious to see the players. it's been a while now. i'm relieved. >> tonight we also caught up with some of the redskins players to get their reactions to what has unfolded. >> i know there's a lot of public pressure on the players right now, especially to get something done. the owners have already voted on it. but at the same time, it's a business deal. and you really want to get the best deal that's done for everybody, not just players that are in the league now, but future players because the deal is ten years long and you can't opt out of it. >> it's strange because financially it will never affect me. but being part of what i do and what i care about, i want the best in terms of the players out of this deal. >> the only thing that we've seen so far is a time line that kind of backs us into a corner
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that we don't know if it's possible at this point. we have 1,900 players that we need to get in contact to recertify and redo this process correctly. it isn't something that happens overnight. but hopefully it's a deal that we can agree upon and get this ball rolling. >> here's a tweet from redskin players representative vonnie holliday -- >> what? >> wow, strong words there. here's a look at the tentative schedule. team facilities open this saturday. sunday teams may begin to sign undrafted rookie free agents. hall of fame game canceled on august 7th. the first preseason weekend will begin august 11th and the redskins are scheduled to play the steelers on friday the 12th at fedex field. if so, you can see the game here on nbc 4 at 7:30.
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the kastles have officially refused to lose. they defeated philadelphia completing a perfect season. they're gone 14-0 in the regular season. at kastles stadium tonight, fans also refusing to lose. they have the signs out there. women's doubles, the kastles renee stubs and her partner, in the near court. check this out. sweep drop shot. kastles win the set. nice job. this is philadelphia's beatrice capra here. rips the forehand down the line. her nickname is hot rod. kastles beat the freedoms 25-11 and finish the season 14-0. congrats to the kastles. the playoffs start tomorrow tomorrow in south carolina where the kastles are the number one seed. >> did you see the difference there between the men and the women? the guys were sweating. the women, glistening.
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>> isn't that always the way?
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a flash mob interrupted shoppers at the walmart store in laurel today. ♪
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actually it was yesterday. the group used the song to demand better pay and benefits for walmart workers. walmart responded by saying, quote, real d.c. residents now that singing and dancing are not solutions for people who need access to quality jobs and affordable groceries. walmart has stores plans in wards four, five, six and seven. britain has a new boating destination and it's on the roof of one of its most famous shopping centers. a 4,300 square-foot lake has been installed on top of a department store in london. shoppers can go to the top of
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one more check on our weather. >> yeah, one more time. looking at temperatures over 100 tomorrow. i think 101. the record is 103. 100 on saturday. and then finally, at least some relief. still hot on sunday. monday, a high of 90 degrees. veronica johnson will have the latest on the heat tomorrow morning. >> stay cool. we'll see you tomorrow. comedian ad


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